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N4810 can't poweroff with WD40EFRX 4TB drives
Hello, everybody!

This issue has been discussed many times in the Internet with different NAS models (not only Thecus).
I truly thought that it was kids' disease, lost in early 2010, but it is not!!!

My N4810 successfully turns off, reboot, WOL while there are no WDC inserted, but stuck while they are attached.

I bought my N4810 on January 2017 and upgrade to latest available software.

When I hit "shutdown" button from the web-interface, the body perform something - turn off web and network ssh access, turn off display and blink fast with power and network indicators, ping command still reply.

But HHDs still rotate, vent blows, power does not off.

There are 4 WDC Red WD40EFRX-68N installed.
OS 7.
Firmware v3.
BIOS settings looks default.

Please advice what should I do to make N4810 works as expected?
Dear Sir,

Thanks for your mail. Please update to latest V3.01.01 for try:

Once update to V3.01.01 but same issue existed, please provide the CONF.BIN let we check the NAS condition. It can be downloaded from [CONTROL PANEL->FIRMWARE SETTING->CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT] and then press [BACKUP] button.

did not helped. Still freeze at the same point - does not shutdown. Sad
I update firmware, but NAS behaviour does not changed.
It turns off perfect without HDDs, but hangs while they are in.

Could it caused by "speed down" option error?
Dear Sir,

Would you please submit ticket from and arrange remote connection as following link let we check for you directly?
Okay, thanks.
Work together with Thecus engineers.

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