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RAID Setup - Newbie
Hi all,

First post, and am getting a W4810 for a client - have never played with a Thecus yet...

I'm considering 4 WD Red 3TB drives to run in a RAID 6, array.

I'm also thinking maybe 2 RAID 1's or a RAID 10.

Is there a RAID controller built in, or does Windows 2012R2 do this all in software?

What are the limitations on RAID configurations?

I did a cursory search for info in the manuals and online and didn't find the answers.

Thanks all!

Dear Sir,

The WSSE 2012R have no such direct RAID6 or 10 conpect, but use Storgae Server to instead and following link for your reference:
I originally set up two mirror raids (a pair of 4TB and a pair of 3TB). Tool several days to create these. Decided to go back to basic drives and do backup vs mirror raids as it would have been days to regenerate a failed drive.

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