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N5200XXX with 7 HDD's

Expand your N5200XXX to 7 HDD's doing as follow:
Depends how you want your RAID, this is an example as i do have running.

1. Make 3 HDD RAID5 till its finished.
    Power down.
2. Remove those 3 and leave them out.
3. Make another 4 HDD RAID5 til its finished. (Activate them as Master RAID).
4. Install Webmin mod. (be sure it is working)
    Power down.
5. Insert those 3 HDD by using (disk1) bay 5, (disk2) the first internal SATA and (disk3) Esata (i did use an Esata to sata cable)
6. After starting up, start Webmin/Hardware/Linux Raid. There u see a degraded /dev/md2 (maybe also /dev/md0, will be later), add de second partition from de Esata (my drive letter was J, so device J partition 2). Wait till its done completly adding the partition
7. When needed do the same to /dev/md0 and add the first partition (device J partition 1)

N5200XXX, 2Gb Ram, 5x 3Tb RAID5, 1x 3Tb ISCSI.
Windows Home Server LSI Megaraid 9260I SAS 8x SATA 512GB SSD RAID5

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