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N2200 media server update
My Thecus N2200 (FW:3.00.16) has the Twonkymedia module (v1.00.00 [6.0.34]) installed. It works fine for music but not very well for movies. I see in the forums that there are more recent versions of the Twonky module available; 7.2.8 is the latest I think but I cannot install it. The file extension of the installer is .mod rather than .app like previous versions and I get an error message when I try to run it. The version notes say that it is compatible with N2200XXXX NAS so maybe it is not compatible with my N2200? I would be happy to try a different server if I thought it might do the job better, eg. Serviio or Plex, but I have downloaded installers for both and again I cannot get the modules to install. Can anyone advise me on a) which media server will do the best job of sending video (often with subtitles) to a Panasonic TV over an ethernet network and b) how can I install the appropriate module on the N2200? Or will I just have to make do with my current version of Twonky? Thanks in anticipation of your help.
Dear Sir,

Due N2200 structure limiated it is differ from N2200XXX, current latest version listed from: -> Downloads -> Module

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