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N4810 Network Help
Hi all,
A couple of days ago I purchased a N4810 and a W4810 for my small business setup. 

The W4810 had to be RMA'd due to boot/post failure (as a note, thecus support was excellent, as was the company from which I purchased. 6 hours from when I had identified the issue to having an RA number and a new one dispatched). 

I am attempting to setup the N4810. I have tried for a day to get an identified firmware update happening, and could not connect to the app store - but I just have realised that Thecus' website has some issues and they have pulled those sections offline. 

My current issue is connecting via LAN to the NAS> My pc can see the nas on, and I can connect to the backend using a browser, but whenever I try to connect to a folder I created using an admin user I created (the folder is mapped as read/write to that user) Windows 10 tells me that the network name does not exist / may be spelled incorrectly - even though I can see the folder in the network section of my pc. any ideas?

Additionally I would like to be able to direct connect the N4810 to my pc but otherwise not have it connected to the world - it contains some secure files. Any thoughts about the easiest way to do this?

Finally, I couldnt find a sub-forum for the n4810 or w4810?

.png   networking.png (Size: 164.1 KB / Downloads: 22)

hmm, magically it is now working if I use the IP directly into file explorer. This has allowed me to map the folders to network drives.

Still happy to hear any advice anyone may have though!
Dear Sir,

According from the networking.png and following suggestion for your reference:
1. Please via WAN/LAN1 link to your local network with proper gateway & DNS.
2. If NAS IP is pleas via \\ to access NAS share folder from Windows client.
3. We will forward this sub forum request for forum master.

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