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Internal UPS vs "UPS Service" ... and battery fail planning
The N5810pro has internal UPS. The OS7 GUI shows that it knows it is present.

However, the UPS Service tab in Power & Hardware does NOT know about the UPS... and indicates by default that the UPS service is disabled.

* Where do I configure UPS Service for the internal UPS, so the NAS properly is aware of a power outage and will shut down if the internal battery gets low?
* How do we use the UPS Service tab (if at all) for internal UPS?
* Does the 5810Pro support simultaneous internal and external UPS?

AND while I am at it:
- There is no part number for the mini UPS
- There is no information on how or where I can order another when this mini UPS fails
- Please provide this information!
   - What is the battery P/N etc?
   - What sources are available for this battery?

Thank you!
Dear Sir,

The N5810 without this device, and only N5810PRO have internal mimi UPS/BBM, and it is not traditional UPS, but like a power buffer let NAS power off safety without power lose, thus won't show from UPS items but System Status only and not option let user to adjust. Since NAS confirm AC power lose over 2 mins and system going to power off automatically.
If you need get mini UPS/BBM for replacement, please contact your local distributor/reseller or Thecus office.

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