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Amazon Cloud Drive

is it possible to add "Amazon Cloud Drive Support"? 

Wood like to use it for Backups ans as mounted Networkdrive...

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I want to strongly endorse this request!!!!

Unlimited cloud storage of photos at no extra charge is *incredibly* useful for many photography use cases. Serious photographers use RAW files, and today's DSLR's easily can shoot 100MB/sec of still photos. That adds up quickly. My wife has several TB of photos. So a no-charge online backup copy is of extreme interest.

Adding unlimited cloud copy of other files at a nominal charge is also amazing.

Please -- let's get this working ASAP! It looks like the OP has found a Linux utility that could be mangled to fit the Thecus without too much trouble.
I asked for this feature 1 1/2 year ago, when Amazon announced unlimited picture storage for amazon cloud drive. More or less a year ago competitors like QNAP & Synology added this feature to there NAS product line, but on Thecus side nothing happened. So when you are looking for more feature driven and more modern products you should switch to a competitor solution ... or say it with Thecus words "I Love QNAP" or "I love Synology" .. sorry but that's the truth :-(
(12-20-2016, 05:28 AM)Dandy Wrote: I asked for this feature 1 1/2 year ago...

Since Ennoconn become majority owner of Thecus this year, with the incredible manufacturing/etc power of FoxConn... I am hopeful that things will turn around in the months to come.

They have very big plans. I'm already seeing some evidence of change... but yes, we shall see.

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