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N2520 power adaptor 12v,3amp only
I have bought second hand thecus n2520, it came with power adaptor rated 12volt,3 amp
The unit has sticker on its back and specify input 12v,3,3 amp.
Can anyone here with the same unit (new or original unit) can confrm that my adaptor is not original/or it is ?

Should I search for adaptor replacement ?

The unit is blinking white upon poweron.... I only try that 1-2 minutes.... is that normal ?
NO disc installed on 2520.
I will report back as soon as I got my hands on (and time) the unit

Quick google search no alternate firmware can be installed on 2520.
what a pitty. I'm thingking of resale the unit already.
Dear Sir,

The N2520 power adapter is 3.3A, and N2520 is OS6 system it is difference other Thecus as like OS5 or OS7, it is need Intelligent initial and able to access NAS admin WEB page and data volume, as like the QIG shows since you open the N2520 box. And following link for your reference:
I cant access it via web base now... it keeps booting (blinking white, rapid)... the telnet is working fine though...
wih hddd installed or not its still the same.
can I repair n2520 via telnet ? how to do os reinstall via telnet ?
I already flash it with usb upgrade. it now shows initram.686 on version, before flashing it shows thecusos 6.1
Both is inaccesible via gui though (web or setup wizard or intellinas)
Dear Sir,

Please visisti following FAQ link:

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