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Thecus® releases New Features for ThecusOS 7.0
Thecus Technology Corp announced the release two new features for the ThecusOS 7.0. This latest version of this powerful operating system introduces the support for Scale-out architecture and the general release of Thecus Connect™. These new additions bring new levels of mobility and scalability to Thecus’ extensive NAS product range.

"With the release of this latest ThecusOS 7.0 update, Thecus has taken another bold step in positioning itself as a leader in network attached storage, bringing forth two powerful features. The general release of Thecus Connect provides a powerful tool to access and monitor up-to-date information of a NAS, while Scale-out brings the ability to intelligently and dynamically expand the capacity of Thecus storage ,”  said Florence Shih. General Manager of Thecus Technology Corp.

 enables users to dynamically increase their storage capacity of their current Thecus hardware to unprecedented levels. Currently when expanding the capacity of a NAS, Thecus users were limited to a maximum of 5 storage units, with this only being available with enterprise models. With Scale-Out functionality, all these limitations that are exceeded, any Thecus NAS that uses ThecusOS 7.0 allows for new units to be added as required, essentially without limit.

The general release of Thecus Connect gives users the ability to portably control and check their NAS at their fingertips. It provides up-to-date information on their systems settings, if trouble emerges, smart alerts will notify the user immediately and send reminders until the issue is resolved.

Find out more about Thecus Connect™ by watching : 

https://youtube/pwmoiAu1d4A .

In order to use Thecus Connect™, please ensure your phone is connected to the same WiFi network that your NAS is connected. The app is available for all NAS that use ThecusOS 7.0. [i]Thecus Connect™ currently supports Android phones versions 4.1 and above, iOS devices will be supported in the near future.[/i]

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