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NZBGet help needed
I bought the N4100pro and populated it with four WD 2TB Green disks 5.5 years ago and it's been working like a charm since.  I've never had a problem and it's been a fantastic purchase.  I use it to store media for my HTPC box.

I used to have an Astraweb account and download using Sabnzbd on my regular windows machine.  I haven't used Usenet in a while but was looking at getting a cheap block account for the odd time I need it.  I noticed that NZBGet was a module I could install, so I have done so, but I am not sure where to go from here.

I am running NZBGet 2.0.0 and Thecus firmware version is 5.01.04.

I was hoping someone could lead to me to some documentation on how to set this up and automate it, or if anyone has experience setting this up and could assist I would really appreciate it.

Dear Sir,

Recommend to visit FAQ for, and follwoing link for your reference:

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