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Simple upgrade of capacity - how to proceed?
All right, so I have the following drives config in my NAS:

Slots 1, 2 are 2 x 4 TB in RAID1
Slots 3, 4 are 2 x 4 TB in RAID1
Slots 5, 6 are 2 x 3 TB in RAID1
Slot 7 is 500GB in RAID1

I want to upgrade my 2 x 3 TB in RAID1 to 2 x 8 TB in RAID1.

In preparation for this, I upgraded to the latest firmware (to support 8TB drives).  Then I had enough spare room to backup the content of my 3TB array to one of my 4TB array, which i did (took over a day).  I'd like to know which is the preferred way to change the drive?  Here are the options I'm thinking:

- Shut down the NAS, simply replace the drives in slot 5 & 6 by the 8TB ones.  What will happen then?  Is the NAS going to throw an error, or will it be smart enough to know that I want to create a new RAID1?  Then simply copy my back-up data.

-Same as above, but delete the 3TB RAID1 before doing so (don't like that option as my data will be gone from the drives?)

-Shut down the NAS, replace only one of the 2 drives, let it rebuild, shut down again, replace the 2nd drive, let it rebuild, then finally expand RAID capacity.  I don't like this scenario as I have 2 rebuilds back to back and it seems overall very time consuming.

Other ideas?  Thanks in advance for any insight.
If you can copy data from 3TB to 4TB Raid you could delete Raid1 with 3TB HDD. N7510 have hotswap so you can replace HDD without shutdown. Replace HDD, create new RAID1 with 8TB HDD and copy data from 4TB to a new Raid1.
That was my plan and the copy is already completed, my only issue is that if I delete the RAID1 from Thecus interface does the data on the drive is deleted as well? Or simply the RAID information? Being RAID 1 basically each drive has the same data, so if I take one and plug it in an external enclosure I should be able to harvest data using a Linux distro? I just want to have a backup plan if my transfer to the new RAID1 fails (drives problems or otherwise).

Thanks for helping me understand how RAID information VS actual data works in this Thecus.
I completed everything by following VDR suggestion. It worked without issues, only it was quite a lenghty process: close to 24h to build the RAID1, then close to another 20 hours to transfer the data over, I use Beyond Compare from my PC to replicate the data.

Which leads me to another question: is there a way to manually copy data internally on the NAS? Maybe through the web interface? Seems it would be a lot faster than doing it through my PC (limited by ethernet bandwith).
It`s possible via CLI
you could install 3rd module Midnight Commander, connect via ssh and use it to copy data beetween mounted drives.
Without Midnight Commander you must use a linux cp command etc Wink
Meybe 3rd module eXtplorer have this functionality but I think via CLI will be faster ;P
Thanks, I'll give this Midnight Commander a try.
You have a WEB Midnight Commander, so I think you could use a GUI not CLI and to do the same Wink

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