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[OpenVPN][] Client/Server VPN Solution
seeing we have pkill binaries(x86 and x64 in /raid/module/OpenVPN/sys),this seems to work to kill the vpn connection..

/raid/module/OpenVPN/sys/pkill_x64 -SIGTERM openvpn

also i was going to mention this also(bit off topic from openvpn)
the built in vpn service has a vpn client also(on my N4810 OS7)
it can only use PPTP on my NAS.
i use a different VPN provider and i can login to my account on their site and generate a PPTP username/password(its different from the one i use for openvpn).
this also seems to work fine for me.

from doing a few searches on nord vpn it appears(from what i can tell) that nord vpn does offer PPTP connections also and uses the same user/pass the openvpn would use unlike my provider which uses a different one.
i use PIA(Private Internet Access) if case u were wondering.

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