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Looking for BTRFS configuration advice
So if anyone is interested here's how this entire thing played out.  I contacted support asking the same question and they responded by saying it's not real BTRFS, they're using MDADM so its safe.  Fast forward to yesterday, I did a firmware update and now 50TB of my companies offsite backups are gone.  No matter what I do there is no way to get the device to read the usb and their entire "linux" system is a bunch of scripts hacked together.  If anyone can tell me which obfuscated binaries run to detect a plugged in usb with a .key file I'd really appreciate it.


If anyone can point me towards any documentation that tells you how to undo their encryption with the key file and passwords completely off of a Thecus box, I'll send you $.  I just spent about 4 hours looking with no luck.

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RE: Looking for BTRFS configuration advice - by jaronfitz - 07-07-2017, 08:40 PM

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