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plex module for n7700SAS
yes, I know this is an older NAS, but I've had 99.99999% uptime in the past 8 years using it.

It originally had a plex module, years ago.... haven't used it.
I've recently backed up all my data, and successfully upgraded the firmware to v5.03.02.8.
Now that I'm looking for the plex module, it isn't there.  <sigh>

I've checked the support download page for the N7700SAS, and there is no module there for the plex media server.

Where can I get that please?

Thank you.

goto plex website and u can download the app for thecus nas from the downloads page.
in the drop down menu scroll to the NAS section and thecus is listed there.
i use OS7 and it works fine.
This is the error message get:

Quote:Module will install/upgrade ,please do not reload or close admin UI
Module Name: [ Plex ]
Module Version: [ ]
2018/03/08 21:35:36: Module is installing ...
2018/03/08 21:35:36: Firmware mode (N7700) does not match.
2018/03/08 21:35:36: Install module fail.
so it looks like plex doesnt support ur device.
outkasm compiles it also(requires donation) but its says OS5 is supported.maybe ask there as he would know for sure if it would work on your model.

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