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migrate jbod to raid - jmacdonald - 12-31-2018

My n4100pro died. I got the N5810pro and bought a 4tb drive. Created a jbod for it and added the 4 drives from the n4100. With the help of thecus support I was able to get the raid recovered of them and was able to move all important data to the good JBOD. Is there a way to add 4 new drives to the n5810 and migrate the jbod to raid 5/6 on all

RE: migrate jbod to raid - Thecus - Yvon - 01-10-2019

Dear Sir,

As N5810/N5810PO OS7 user's manual page 97 list, it is support migrate from RAID1 but JBOD, and following link for your reference: