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OS7 Firmware update > - nicleb - 11-17-2018

A new(er) OS7 firmware is available for the N5550 but it isn't made available through automatic update or the Thecus website.

You can find it at the link below:


This version fixes a serious SMB issue, where the smbd process would lock up after transferring a few GBs. Thecus, why didn't you announce this officially ???

RE: OS7 Firmware update > - Blackbear199 - 11-18-2018

typical of thecus.
ur right its funny that they have updated firmware on the ftp site but the os isnt detecting it.
i think they want users to upgrade to current supported nas models(N5550 is listed under archive).
mind u i have a N4810 and it does the same(be newer firmware on the ftp site and it says no upgrade avail.)

RE: OS7 Firmware update > - nicleb - 11-18-2018

And there's also a beta available, but I'm not too keen on testing this on my machine:


If anyone wants to try it and give us some feedback, that would be great!

RE: OS7 Firmware update > - Blackbear199 - 11-18-2018

i use on my N4810