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Free Capacity wasted? - axeon - 10-01-2018

Hi all,
On one N12000, it shows that one array has reached more than 90% of the total available capacity. However, when I do check each shared folder for the current size, there should be enough capacity. I am suspecting that we are wasting capacity with some folders. Is there way to find out where storage can be freed-up or is blocked?
best, axeon

RE: Free Capacity wasted? - Thecus - Yvon - 10-09-2018

Dear Sir,

Following possible cause for your reference:
1. File system & folder structure overhead.
2. SAMBA minimum block size, as like default block size at 4K, even a file with 3K only, but would occupied 4K space.
3. Client OS display difference, since check same NAS occupied folder size from Win7 & 10, and the result will be difference.