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High memory usage? - ngupta - 05-31-2018

I don't know when it started, but the memory usage of my N4100PRO is through the roof (85+% all the time).  I've disabled all network services other than AFP, and all application servers other than SSH, and it doesn't seem to solve the problem.

When I SSH in, I see that there are 6 httpd processes that are using almost 100k of RAM, even though I am not doing anything with the webserver.

I am on what I believe is the latest firmware, 5.03.02.

Any help you can provide is appreciated!

RE: High memory usage? - Thecus - Yvon - 06-04-2018

Dear Sir,

1. N4100PRO build in 256 MB DRAM.
2. N4100PRO series belong to OS5 X32 system, not only each electronic components with limited life cycle, but also N4100PRO series EOL over 8 years and last version is v5.03.02.8 in 2014-Oct-13 for security update only. Here we strongly recommend to planning new NAS device for better security update & hardware usability. If you would purchase new Thecus NAS please contact your local distributor or Thecus office and we will be glad to provide special offer for you.