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N4810 usb printer - Blackbear199 - 07-07-2017

i dont see any section for this model so where is one suppost to ask questions?

new n4810
bios V1.4

when i connect my usb printer(brother dcp-7020) it shows it detected as it shoud as a usb-printer but the name and model is blank.
if i select the name(usb-printer) and click on edit i get "error 500 unexpected server error"

so i went back to firmware and i could get the menu to come up when i selected edit and change the printer name from the default of usb-printer.

i then updated again to and it kept this name change but if i select edit i get the same result as i first did.

so it doesnt display the name or model for this printer,i know its old but it suits my needs.

so i next added it on my pc's

on windows i used the http://localhost:631/printers and after setting it up it seems to work fine.

on my linux pc which you can add a printer the same way when ever i try to print anything it just spits out blank pages until the trays empty.

i originally had the printer on my windows pc(shared) and it worked fine printing from my linux pc.

can someone look into this please.

RE: N4810 usb printer - Thecus - Yvon - 07-10-2017

Dear Sir,

Would you please try on V3.02.01.k401?

RE: N4810 usb printer - Blackbear199 - 07-10-2017

(07-10-2017, 12:17 PM)Thecus - Yvon Wrote: Dear Sir,

Would you please try on V3.02.01.k401?

downgraded to that firmware and its same as it was with

cannot edit printer name(500 internal server error when I click on edit) and no manufacturer or model number showing.
NOTE: my screenshot shows DCP-7020 as printer name.this was done with firmware as I said in above post.

windows - prints fine
Linux - blank pages until it empties tray

[Image: 4j9r8i.png]

RE: N4810 usb printer - Thecus - Yvon - 07-17-2017

Dear Sir,

1. Please try on latest V3.02.02.k401:
2. Once new V3..02.02.k401 without help, please submit ticket from http://esupport.thecus.com let our staff check for you.

RE: N4810 usb printer - Blackbear199 - 07-17-2017

already have tried it and its the same results.
i have a dell 968 printer also that i dont use anymore,as a test i connected it and it did detect the manufacturer and model correctly.
but when i click on the edit button i still get the "500:internal server error".
i guess i'll open a ticket.

RE: N4810 usb printer - Blackbear199 - 02-12-2018

i dont know what firmware update this was fixed in as i had my printer connected to my pc and was sharing it that way.
i tried few days ago connecting it back to my nas running latest beta firmware(
i have no issues at all now printing via a windows or linux pc.
it still show no manufacturer and model name for my printer(brother dcp-7020) but i was able to edit the name and the "500:Internal Server Error" doesnt appear anymore.
i think this is because its a pretty old printer(approx 10 yrs).
other than that as i said everything seems to be working fine.