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RE: [OpenVPN][] Client/Server VPN Solution - Blackbear199 - 12-24-2017

seeing we have pkill binaries(x86 and x64 in /raid/module/OpenVPN/sys),this seems to work to kill the vpn connection..

/raid/module/OpenVPN/sys/pkill_x64 -SIGTERM openvpn

also i was going to mention this also(bit off topic from openvpn)
the built in vpn service has a vpn client also(on my N4810 OS7)
it can only use PPTP on my NAS.
i use a different VPN provider and i can login to my account on their site and generate a PPTP username/password(its different from the one i use for openvpn).
this also seems to work fine for me.

from doing a few searches on nord vpn it appears(from what i can tell) that nord vpn does offer PPTP connections also and uses the same user/pass the openvpn would use unlike my provider which uses a different one.
i use PIA(Private Internet Access) if case u were wondering.

RE: [OpenVPN][] Client/Server VPN Solution - Blackbear199 - 06-22-2018

N4810 OS7

i just noticed that under vpn services in the gui there is now a openvpn client(besides the one thats was always there called VPN which only supports PPTP).

its asking for a cert zip file for configuration,i'm not sure whats needed in this zip.

anyone who knowledged in openvpn has any ideas?


RE: [OpenVPN][] Client/Server VPN Solution - Blackbear199 - 06-22-2018

in asked Thecus and this their response..
Dear Sir,

Thank you for your enquiry. It is one of customized function for certain user only, thus we will remove this item from next version firmware and thanks for your understanding in advance.

Best Regards!

Thecus Support Team
Thecus Technology Corp.

i think they should leave it.a built in openvpn client would be nice to have rather than doing all the configuring doing it the module way.