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  architecture de partage de fichier redondante
Posted by: stygre - 10-19-2018, 07:00 PM - Forum: Général [French Support] - No Replies

Bonjour a tous,

J'ai besoin de vos conseil pour monter une architecture de partage de fichier redondante pour stocker de grosse archives (fichiers de plus de 50 Go).

Je possède déja le matériel suivant :
      - N7700 PRO V2 - Firmware 2.05.06.v2 - 7*4TO 5400rpm
      - N7700 - Firmware - 7*4To 7200rpm

Ce que je souhaite faire :
      - Créer un RAID 5 XFS (strip size 64 Ko) sur le N7700 PRO V2 pour avoir un espace de 22To
      - Créer un dossier partagé de 22To sur le N7700 PRO V2
      - Créer un RAID 5 XFS (strip size 64 Ko) sur le N7700 pour avoir un espace de 22To
      - Créer un dossier partagé de 22To sur le N7700
      - Configurer le N7700 PRO V2 pour répliquer tous le dossier partagé sur le N7700

Ne connaisant pas tres bien les limites techniques des N7700 et N7700 PRO V2, voici mes questions:
      - Est-il possible de créer un dossier partagé de 22To sur les N7700 et N7700 PRO V2 (il y a une taille maximum ?)
      - Comment et ou je peux configurer la réplication N7700 PRO V2 vers le N7700 pour le dossier ?

Si vous avez aussi des remarques, je suis ouvert a vos bon conseils.

Merci par avance.

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Lightbulb Redundant file sharing architecture
Posted by: stygre - 10-19-2018, 05:59 PM - Forum: N7700PRO v2/N8800PRO v2 - No Replies

Hi everyone ,

I need your advice to mount a redundant/secure file sharing architecture to store large archives (files larger than 50 GB).

I already have the following equipments :
      - N7700 PRO V2 - Firmware 2.05.06.v2 - 7*4To 5400rpm
      - N7700 - Firmware - 7*4To 7200rpm

What I want to do:
      - Create a RAID 5 XFS (strip size 64 KB) on the N7700 PRO V2 to have a space of 22TB
      - Create a shared folder of 22TB on the N7700 PRO V2
      - Create a RAID 5 XFS (strip size 64 KB) on the N7700 to have a space of 22TB
      - Create a shared folder of 22TB on the N7700
      - Configure the N7700 PRO V2 to replicate the shared folder on the N7700

Not knowing the technical limits of the N7700 and N7700 PRO V2 very well, here are my questions:
      - Is it possible to create a shared folder of 22TB on the N7700 and N7700 PRO V2 (there is a maximum size?)
      - How and where can I configure N7700 PRO V2 replication to the N7700 for the folder?

If you also have remarks, I am open to your good advice.

Thanks in advance.

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Sad [Closed] No more share folders after a RAID rebuild
Posted by: stygre - 10-15-2018, 08:34 PM - Forum: N7700PRO v2/N8800PRO v2 - Replies (2)


I've an Thecus N7700 Pro V2 with 2.05.06.v2 firmware. (7x2To HDD)
I had a raid crash (1 HDD failed) and I've rebuilt successfully the RAID 5.
During the rebuild, I lost iSCSI and share folder access.

Now, RAID is OK, but I've still no iSCSI and Share folder access.
I login in GUI and when I clic on Stack or sharefolder menu, I following error :You have no RAID system.
In RAID menu, my RAID 5 is setup and alive.

Does one of you have any hint to deal with this issue
(of course, i'd like to have my data back...)


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  Free Capacity wasted?
Posted by: axeon - 10-01-2018, 11:19 PM - Forum: N12000 series/N16000 series - Replies (1)

Hi all,
On one N12000, it shows that one array has reached more than 90% of the total available capacity. However, when I do check each shared folder for the current size, there should be enough capacity. I am suspecting that we are wasting capacity with some folders. Is there way to find out where storage can be freed-up or is blocked?
best, axeon

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Posted by: Blackbear199 - 08-31-2018, 02:54 AM - Forum: N4810 - No Replies

could CP1500PFCLCD be added as a supported UPS
i see CP1350PFCLCD in the list(thats what i am using now) and everything seems fine as i can see the UPS status under UPS in power manangent.
or is using the 1350 setting the same?

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  eSATA to USB3 or Thunderbolt Adapters Query
Posted by: ridgedale - 08-19-2018, 07:34 PM - Forum: Others - Replies (3)

I am wondering if anyone has had any success using eSATA to USB3 or Thunderbolt adapters to transfer data off their NAS. I'm looking to transfer 6-7Tb off an N7700Pro to an external USB3/Thunderbolt 2 external drive.

I can see such adapters are available but there appear to be mixed reviews. It would be helpful to have idea of any such adapters that have a proven track record within the community.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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  USB 3 Adapter Query
Posted by: ridgedale - 08-08-2018, 01:37 AM - Forum: N7700PRO/N8800PRO - Replies (3)

Does anyone know whether or not it is possible to install a USB 3 adapter in the PCIe 8x slot to facilitate faster data transfers to a USB 3 external drive, rather than using USB 2?

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  N8800 upgrade
Posted by: Craig - 08-03-2018, 08:47 PM - Forum: N7700/N8800 - No Replies

Hi all,

Thanks in advance for any help.  I have a N8800 that currently has no data on it and I want to use this as a media server.  To that end I was looking into whether I can upgrade the hardware to accept HDD's greater than 2TB.  Looking at N7700 info it appear that I need to upgrade the CPU (A T7600 seems to be the one but which type of T7600 the 9SD or the 9SJ?).

I also read that the DOM needs swapping out for the 8800PRO V2 DOM.

then the firmware would need upgrading to the 8800ProV2 firmware to support 64 bit.

Is it this simple or is there more to it?  Have I missed something Has anyone done this successfully?

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  Update Plex Module on Any Thecus NAS
Posted by: SirNASaLot - 08-02-2018, 10:46 AM - Forum: Thecus Modules - No Replies

The following process should work with any Thecus NAS. My NAS is a model N7510.
Note: These instructions assume the user is familiar with connecting to the Thecus NAS web interface and optionally via Terminal session (linux). These instructions have also been cross-posted to the Plex Forum https://forums.plex.tv/t/update-plex-mod...nas/290883 . I recommend viewing the Plex Forum as well as the Thecus forum in getting information on Plex for Thecus.

  1. 1. Check the Plex NAS compatibility Spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...1274624273
If your NAS is not listed, just check another NAS with the same processor. Transcoding abilities should be similar.
Note: You can visit the NAS Devices section on the support site: https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/section...AS-Devices
Thecus specific info here:
The Thecus N7510 has an Intel® Atom ™ Processor D2701 (2.13GHz Dual Core) (64-bit). I found the processor model on the specs page on the Thecus website. I confirmed 64-bit by executing “uname -a” via terminal access (e.g. PUTTY)
Plex compatibility spreadsheet says that this processor can software transcode in SD 480p/576p and some HD 720p (higher bitrates may produce buffering or playback failure). This is in line with my experience, so I’m not surprised.
  1. 2. Download Thecus packages for plex here (in my situation was “intel 64-bit”):
  1. 3. To install a new Plex Media Server update, simply load the downloaded app file (e.g. PlexMediaServer_1.13.4.5271-200287a06_x64.app) in Thecus’s “Manual App Installation” (via the web interface) and click “Install”.
It takes about 20 minutes. It gave me an app success message after 17 minutes but only gave control of the window to click the “OK” button after another 3 minutes.
Once done it will show the updated version # in “Manual App Installation” section.
It does not delete the old plex database (e.g. where users left off in their shows).
For Plex modules from Thecus directly it did delete the old Plex database. If you want to be extra careful this posting discusses how to backup the data:
The plex installation is located in the following path:
The database is located in:
/raid/data/module/Plex/sys/Plex Media Server
Settings->Help->”Download Logs” and read “Plex Media Server.log” with word to format correctly and search for applicable logs. I think the log lists the CPU model in it…
/raid/data/module/Plex/sys/Plex Media Server/Logs/Plex Media Server.log
  1. 4. You will need to re-enable the Plex module (it runs the update and then disables the module). It takes about 2 minutes to “enable” and start responding to network requests. 5. (optional) Optimize your Plex settings for poor NAS transcoding abilities (like on the N7510):
Transcoding (simultaneous video sessions and quality) is set on the server. I set to “Transcoder quality” of “Prefer higher speed encoding” (default is “automatic”) and “background transcoding x264 preset” to “ultra fast” (default “very fast”, faster is less CPU intensive). These both prioritize fast transcoding while sacrificing quality. The effects on all devices was immediate.
Note: Bitrate/quality is set on player – so you set 480p or 720p, etc on the player device (e.g. smartphone, SmartTV, etc). I also suggest setting the players to poorer quality/faster image delivery.  In advanced settings on the player, I set “local quality” to 10 (out of 12 max) and “auto transcoding”
If quality is important to you, then I’d expect that you have one of the better NASs on the Plex list. But as Plex suggests, pre-built NASs aren’t the way to go. If you want superior NAS ability to handle Plex, you’ll probably need to build your own NAS from scratch.
FYI: Troubleshooting transcoding settings:
Note: I tested this upgrade (Plex Media Server version on my smartphone with Plex app version 7.x. My smartTVs are Samsung UN46EH5300FXZC (2012) and Samsung UN46H5203 (2014) which have 2.x and 1.x Plex app version respectively as I think Plex has discontinued app development on these older TVs. (yes, my older TV has a higher version; the CPU board got warranty replaced. Netflix wasn’t playing properly and it turned out I had a bad board – so I think that’s the reason…)
  1. 6. Optional; if it’s been a long time since you’ve upgraded Plex. Run “analyze” and “refresh all metadata” on all libraries.

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