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Full Version: Is N10850 can made Volume with 40 Tbytes size?
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Hello every body.
Now I have 3 thecus NAS:
1. M3800 with RAID 0 (3x2 Tbytes discs) to store local private data (home video etc). Main mode - offline.
It's working. I have about 5 events last 3 years after start M3800 - one of discs is dropped from RAID. I reinsert this disc, rebuild RAID and all is GOOD.
Good decision for this price (about 500$ in Russia).
2. N7700 (don't remeber exactly what version) - 2 pieces. To many problems on start RAID building (first firmware), to many time to solving problems. Then I wait about 2 years and all problems resolved by Thecus and hard drives manufactures.
Now on of my Thecus N7700 is work with 7x4 Tbytes all time online (about one year), with two separate volumes (16 Tbytes and 12 Tbytes) - its limitation on file system in firmware (don't remeber exactly what reason).

I want to by N10850 (price in Russia now is about $2200).
My question is:
It is possible to make one volume on N10850 with size 4x10 = 40 Tbytes?
I already buy 15 discs Seagate ST4000DM000...
Hi sergbrother,

The latest firmware v2.04.01 is able to handle 40TB volume size.
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But I will recommend RAID 6 or 10 configuration; just in case one or two drives failed, the data will still be safe.

John, Sep 17 '13
Dear Sir,

Following items for your reference:
1. 40TB unit in 1000 or 1024, HDD manufactory in 1000 as a unit.
2. N10850 have 10 HDD slot, if 4TB x 10 = 40TB which means it is RAID0 or JBOD, it is no data redundancy & RAID protect.
3. Accroding experience & HDD failure reate, we recomend at least need RAID6 is better, which means need add 2 more HDD.
4. Here won't recommend configure the HDD for spare, even the spare HDD would join RAID for rebuiling automatically, but according experience while RAID rebuilding it is high possibility lose 2nd HDD. (if the HDD quality & life is unify.)
5. If you have DATA redundancy, here recommend choose higher HDD slot NAS as like N12000(V)(PRO) or N16000(V)(PRO).