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Full Version: Upload to NAS Faster than Download???
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Good day!

A few days ago I returned a failed WD My Book World edition II and purchased a brand new N2200 NAS. Seems they both have kinda similar hardware.
I even got two 1TB WD EARS drives and updated N2200 with latest firmware.
Later I red many posts about N2200 performance problems but anyways decided to keep it at home.

And here's a question:
In my Gigabit network (correctly detected by NAS) the copy speed from PC to NAS is about 16,7MB/s. Even faster than WD MBWE II.
But when I try to copy the same files from NAS to PC speed never reaches above 13 MB/s.

How can this happen? I don't believe it's hardware issue.
Can anybody explain that paradox? :?
about EARS hdd,
you should use smart utility v1.01.02.
Also you should copy your data out of NAS ,then use smart utility to reinitial your raid.
I hope this can help you.
Thank You for fast reply! Smile

But it was the 1st thing I did. Downloaded latest smart utility and initiated raid with it. Even twice (to be sure :oops: ).

I turned off almost all the services, except Samba and FTP (i turned FTP off later because transfer via that seems slower than via Samba - that's another Paradox :!: ).

So I pray if anybody from developers or so will hear me, can this be true:
-Read is 15% slower than Write
-Samba transfer rate is faster than FTP
-2 Systems with similar CPU have about 400% of speed treshold? (Oxford 810DSE+128MB ram (WD) is 4 times faster than 810DSE+256MB ram (Thecus))

If Thecus got a 35MB/s transfer speed, why not publish conditions to achieve that?
When using JBOD or RAID-0 I can imagine write will be faster than read, otherwise it looks strange to me.

Don't bother to squeeze more out of the box, there just ain't more in it...
I'm really sure it's software issue, and even not config files, but core.
Core of Thecus unit? So what are your suggestions for the Thecus engineers reading your post? Wink
Heh. Maybe they should review the software suite, the core OS, set of services.

Maybe it is worth to release a light firmware without Ajax, webdisk, web viewer and another bangs and whistles, for those who just want a device simply stand and working. Although this require a lot of work, so I don't believe they will really do it 8-) .

I may not understand something, but the stuff, described on topic is really strange Smile .
My N2200 got the same test result
single file about 4.xG at gigabit network
read from NAS speed = 14 MB/S
write into NAS speed = 19 MB/s

ps: firmware version v3.00.16 2012-01-19