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Full Version: NAS2200 & VPN
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G'day all,

I'm currently using Transmission as a Torrent Client and it's all well and good!

Is there a way I can utilise a VPN for the NAS to connect to the internet?

Cheers & Thanks!
Hi prometheusaus,

Do you mean you plan to let the N2200 serves as a VPN server? Or you wants to connect the N2200 behind a router?

John, July 29 '13
guess it is a solution like VyprVPN kind of proxy Wink

it is not possible at this time...
Hi John,

I'd like to connect the N2200 behind a router connected to the internet via a VPN Service.

I understand there are VPN services that require the router to be configured accordingly, so I can't see why it's not possible, but I am a newbie to all this VPN stuff... Big Grin
Hi prometheusaus,

If the VPN client is within the same IP segment of the NAS, it should be able to connect to the NAS.
NAS ( ===== Router (with VPN server) ===== Internet ===== Notebook (VPN client,

Not sure if you are talking about this way?

John, July 31 '13