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Full Version: N7700Pro Stuck in Self Test - change drives to new chassis?
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We had one of our older Thecus servers start dropping off line, did a firmware update (with hindsight that was silly), anyway now we're stuck in the dreaded self testing mode. My question is - we have an identical spare server machine which is still working fine (although on the original firmware) - can we just swap all 7 drives from the 'self testing' server to the other spare server?

Is all the RAID information/firmware kept on the drives themselves? ie will it matter if the 'self testing' machine drives are RAID 6 and the spare machine is currently configured as RAID 5? Will the different firmwares make a problem?

Will doing this either screw up the 7 drives from the 'self testing' machine (drives are definitely fine, it's not a problem with them), or screw up the 7 drives from the spare machine when we put them back in?

Essentially I don't mind losing the data from the spare server, but I do need to recover the data from the 'self testing' server, so if it is as easy as putting the drives in a different chassis then happy days - unless it is likely to screw the important drives up and make then un-recoverable by another process (such as UFS explorer)

Thanks in advance


Dear Sir,

Following FAQ for your reference:

Thecus RAID roaming table

How to access data if NAS out of order or end of life?