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Full Version: The File Space Used is too bigger thans File Size
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hi,I have an old thecus N4200 Nas,os5.The diffrence between the file size and the file space used is too serious,see the attached image.This is my Win10 64bits Screenshot,but in Win7 32bits the size is almost same.what happened?
according below thecus Knowledgebase,it is useless.
The size on disk of NAS is shown too large amount than Windows Explorer display
Posted by Victor Chen on 13 July 2011 15:13

Please login to admin web interface, select [Network Service >Samba / CIFS], please Disable the Optimize Block Size function, default is Enable.

As enable the function, the block size is calculated by 262144, after disable the function, the block size is calculated by 4096.

After disable the function, please reboot the NAS. Finally the size on disk of NAS will exactly as same as Windows Explorer.