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Full Version: How many temperature sensors are on N10850?
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I've been using my N10850 for a few days and there were 3 temperature sensors available:
- CPU Temperature
- System Temperature1
- System Temperature2

I've upgraded the firmware today from v2.05.14.4 to v2.06.02.5 and have noticed that I have an extra sensor detected (System Temperature3) which is incorrectly reading -128 °C. I guess that because of this temperature the speed of the 2 system fans has dropped from about 1100 RPM to 329 RPM and this is causing the whole NAS to be hotter than before.

My question is if this 3rd system sensor is a genuine sensor which was not working on my system before or if it's a fake one. How many temperatures do you have on the System Information - Status - M10850 page?
That's solved now, I took off the motherboard and reinserted it - now everything looks fine. Funny thing is that I did not notice the 3 system temperatures until today but probably they were always there.